Careers Plan – Year 9

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YEAR 9 CAREERS AIM: to build aspirations and allow students the opportunity to explore careers opportunities in more detail, including challenging stereotypes.

RATIONALE: This year builds on the work in Year 7 and 8, but recognises that they are approaching a transition point so a focus is on exploring opportunities within different sectors. An important part of this is challenging stereotypes so that we can empower students to make decisions according to their own desires and ambitions, not the expectations of others.

Term 1

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: Stereotypes in careers

    In their fortnightly careers sessions, Year 9 students will explore their preconceptions about careers sectors in advance of choosing their GCSE options. They will explore the impact of stereotypes on individual career choices, as well as understanding that a range of careers can exist within a sector beyond the ones they may initially think of. 

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Term 2

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: Exploring career sectors

    In their fortnightly careers sessions, Year 9 students will have the opportunity to explore the different careers within specific sectors that related to the GCSE subject options on offer. This term, they will cover using maths in jobs related to sustainability, creative careers and the TV and film industry in Kent. 

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  2. UCFB – Sport Business at University

    The University College of Football and Business (UCFB) came to speak to our sports students in Year 9, 10 and the sixth form today in a range of sessions designed to showcase the huge variety of careers and roles within the sports sector. The sessions were designed to suit the different age groups and discuss the impact of their decisions on their overall career journey. They explored further education and university options within sport, and our students were open-minded and respectful with lots of questions. 

    Image from the UCFB website showing graduates sitting in Wembley stadium wearing their caps and gowns.

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Term 3

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: Exploring careers sectors

    In their fortnightly careers sessions, Year 9 students will have the opportunity to explore the different careers within specific sectors that related to the GCSE subject options on offer. 

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  2. BBC Share your Story – Careers Tour 2023

    Image of BBC Share your Story Set. Behind is a rainbow-coloured poster with the logo on it. In front are three chairs facing forwards, and to the right is a pop up stand that says 'BBC bitesize careers'.

    The BBC visited our Year 9, Year 10 Media, Year 11 and Sixth Form students during National Apprenticeship Week 2023. As part of the BBC’s centenary celebrations, they created a tour focused on careers education with specialist careers panels. Our students heard from successful people from our local area, working in the creative industries. We’d like to say our thanks to:

    • Alex Mansuroglu – Radio Presenter and DJ for Kiss FM, who grew up locally in Meopham.
    • Yasmin Kavanci – Freelance Transmission Operator and Illustrator who lives in Gillingham
    • Leo Ulph – Radio Presenter of Upload on BBC Radio Kent, promoting literacy and creativity across the county
    • Josephine Clark – Commercial Director at Maidstone Studios with 20 years’ experience in the production of live sports, documentaries, children’s TV, music and much more. 
    • The whole BBC tour crew and administration team for sharing this opportunity with our students. 

    The BBC’s careers support for students doesn’t end with the school tour; students were directed to the BBC Bitesize Careers site, where they will find an ever-growing library of job profiles to explore across all industries, alongside careers advice and information about next steps in education and the world of work.

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  3. Launch Work Shadowing Day

    Work Shadowing Day is in Term 6 and offers our students in Year 8, 9 and 10 the opportunity to accompany a family member to work for a day to gain an first-hand experience of a workplace. In this session, students are introduced or reminded about what the day involves and parents/carers are informed of this valuable opportunity for their child. 

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  4. National Apprenticeship Week 2023 – Year 9

    Year 9 students will take part in a range of activities during progress time where they explore what apprenticeships are, the different levels that are available and get some advice on how to choose an employer. This then results in a creative project where they will apply their learning and create a product that communicates this to others. For a guide to what was covered in 2023, please click here. 

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  5. NHS Careers Assembly

    Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust came in to speak to our Year 9 students in two groups today – they spoke about all of the important work that the NHS does in our area and the different ways that students might access those careers. There was a focus on the HUGE range of jobs (350+) within the NHS and the technical/vocational options as well as graduate routes. This event was part of our provider access programme.

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  6. NHS Competition: Step into the NHS

    Did you know that there are over 350 different careers within the NHS? From doctors and nurses, to HR and legal departments, to social media and public relations, to grounds management and logistics. This term, Year 9 will have the opportunity to enter the NHS’s annual competition that encourages them to explore the different career options and then create a promotional/informational piece for others about one of those roles. It is part of encouraging them to think of all of the roles available within any one workplace.

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Term 4

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: Exploring careers sectors

    In their careers sessions, Year 9 students will have the opportunity to explore the different careers within specific sectors that related to the GCSE subject options on offer. In term 4, this includes construction, STEM, languages, IT and digital, design, legal, creative and lab-based careers. 

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  2. Army Outreach – Careers
  3. Careers Fair 2023

    Wrotham School’s Careers Fair has gone from strength to strength, building on our relationships with local and national employers, apprenticeship providers, colleges and universities. The fair will feature specialised activities to support our Year 9, 10, 11 and Sixth Form students to make informed decisions about the important transitions they face.

    This year, we welcome our neighbouring school Grange Park School to join our careers fair. Grange Park is a specialist school for children and young people with autism spectrum condition (ASC) from 9-19. 

    If you would like to find out more information, please click the events link for our careers fair 2023.

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  4. Focus for 1-to-1 guidance
  5. Introduction to Cambridge University workshop (tbc)

Term 5

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: Rights in the workplace

    Building on their character work on the importance of communication and integrity, Year 9 students are introduced to the role of unions and arbitration services like ACAS. These sessions support their PSHE sessions on conflict resolution. 

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  2. GCSE Options Deadlines

Term 6

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: Taking ownership of career path decisions

    Prior to confirming their GCSE option choices, Year 9 students work on understanding the influences in their lives and how this might impact (and benefit) their career decisions. 

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  2. Work Shadowing Day/Enterprise Challenge Day