Labour Market Information

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Youth Employment have an excellent guide to what Labour Market Information (LMI) is and why it can be useful.

Basically it refers to ‘any relevant information about the current state of the jobs market and it can be local, national or global.

It can include information like:

  • The industries and businesses that operate in a certain location.
  • The types of jobs that exist and what they involve.
  • How many of those jobs there are.
  • The skills that are currently or will be in high demand.
  • Commute and travel to work patterns.
  • Typical rates of pay.
  • Career progression opportunities.’

Where do I start? How about START Kent and Medway?

A brand new resource has just been launched by START and The Education People that looks specifically at Kent employment sectors and information. It is a great starting point for young people to start looking at their local areas as places of employment, thinking about what opportunities are close to them.

How do I find that information?

  • LMI for All is a fantastic resource for this
  • gives up to date information about careers with each profile that you read
  • SACU’s Labour Market Explore is quite clever – pick the industry on the spider-diagram, then keep clicking till you find a job. Then it will give you a profile with extra information about job opportunities etc. It’s quick and easy.

Careerometer – use this tool to compare jobs

Click the dotted square. Type in the first career that you might be interested in and select from the dropdown list. Then add your second choice to see the comparison.

Click ‘clear card’ at the bottom of each box to start again.

LMI in Kent and beyond

KENT Labour Market

This is the latest BRES breakdown of employment in Kent and it breaks it down into areas (updated 2020):

Economic forecast from Kent County Council:

NATIONAL Labour Market

Region reports:

Useful websites about the labour market in the UK:  www.wheretheworkis.org

Forecasts for specific job sectors can be found here: