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These are practical advice and tasks that you can do at any time – not just during the week itself!

National Apprenticeships Week 2024

National Apprenticeships Week 2023 is 5th-11th February 2024.

See our calendar for the live activities that were on offer last year or search #NAW2024 for what is coming up.

Finding Apprenticeships

There are various levels of apprenticeship you can undertake depending on your current skills and qualifications:

  • Intermediate apprenticeship (level 2) equivalent of GCSE
  • Advanced apprenticeship (level 3) equivalent of A level
  • Higher apprenticeship (levels 4-7)
  • Degree apprenticeship (levels 6-7)

If you’re looking for higher and degree level apprenticeships, this is the listing for 2024 applicants. It gets updated all the time and tells you when apprenticeships schemes will open to applications. If one you like is not yet open, set a reminder on your phone and spend time researching the company.

We recommend that you register on some of these websites and sign up for notifications for specific apprenticeships.

CV or Application form?

Some positions will not accept a CV because they want you to complete their application form. Others will take the information that you have completed on the sites above. A lot, however, still rely on the traditional CV. Make sure you are tailoring it to each application you make – look closely at the person specification and/or details of the job and check that you have included what they are looking for on your CV.


There a lots of different types of interviews (listed here) so read any and all information that they send you so that you know what to expect.

These sites have some fantastic insights and practice exercises that you can use to get a clearer idea of how to succeed.

Apprenticeship Interview Tests

If your application is accepted and you are invited to interview, you’ll usually be asked to complete some kind of online test.

The tests themselves vary hugely, so make sure you read any preparation material you are sent. Sometimes the application software will give you a chance to practice before the real test. Otherwise, you may wish to try some of these practice sites:

More information for parents