Careers Plan – Year 10 (2023-24)

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YEAR 10 CAREERS AIM: In Year 10 careers education, students develop their self-presentation skills and their understanding of what employers want.

RATIONALE: This year builds on the work in Key Stage 3, but rather than exploring the world of work as a concept, moves on to more practical considerations of how students can prepare to present themselves effectively to employers, apprenticeship providers, sixth forms and further education providers.

Term 1

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: Civil Service Careers Project with the DWP

    Year 10 students were set the challenge of deciding what strategies the different departments within the civil service should intervene in a fictional town that was suffering from various challenges. Students had to research the different departments, work in teams to decide their strategies and allocate funding. Each group presented their ideas to their classes to decide the finalists that were sent to the 10 judges from the Department of Work and Pensions. The winning team won £10 Amazon vouchers and an honourable mention was given to another team who won a ‘skip the lunch queue’ pass for a week. In an assembly at the end of the four-week challenge, they learned about the different entry routes into the civil service, including apprenticeships and graduate schemes.

    Image with the title 'The Wrotham Civil Service Careers Challenge'. 'Top 100 Employers Award' and the Department for Work and Pensions logo. Images show a selection of people working in different environments including at a desk and in an office.

    This event supports Wrotham School in fulfilling its statutory obligations under Provider Access Legislation (2023)

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  2. .CAREERS SESSIONS: What is Labour Market Information (LMI)?

    Year 10 students discussed the top 10 key employment sectors in Kent and explored what job opportunities that might lead to in our local area.

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Term 2

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: Digital careers

    In this term’s careers sessions, Year 10 students learn about different digital tools that are used in recruitment and interview practices, especially following the impact of the pandemic. This includes online application (and AST), aptitude tests, video interviews and online assessment centres/group interviews.

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  2. ASSEMBLY: Value of Volunteering with The RBLI

    We were grateful to have visitors from the Royal British Legions Industries, based in Aylesford, come and talk to our Year 10 students about the impact that volunteering can have on veterans and the vulnerable adults that they support. Students were given an insight into the valuable work within the charitable sector that the RBLI offer to our local community and given the opportunity to ask questions about how they might find work in this sector.

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  3. WORKSHOP: Little Fish Theatre Company

    Drama students are invited to take part in a Theatre in Education workshop focusing on the risks of social media and relationships. As part of the day, they complete a workshop regarding further and higher education choices and routes into arts-sector careers. This included information and advice about the value of studying arts subjects at GCSE, post-16 and beyond.

    Little Fish Theatre Logo

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Term 3

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: National Apprenticeship Week 2024

    Year 10 students will engage in a variety of information sessions across their subjects that explore the different apprenticeships that are available in related careers sectors.

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  2. .CAREERS SESSIONS: Types of Work Experience – advantages and disadvantages

    In their weekly careers sessions, Year 10 are encouraged to evaluate the pros and cons of different types of work experience, including trips and visits, conversations, volunteering, webinars and virtual and in-person work experience placements.

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  3. Launch Work Shadowing Day

    Work Shadowing Day is in Term 6 and offers our students in Year 8, 9 and 10 the opportunity to accompany a family member to work for a day to gain an first-hand experience of a workplace. In this session, students are introduced or reminded about what the day involves and parents/carers are informed of this valuable opportunity for their child.

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Term 4

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: Recruitment and selection processes – CV Writing

    Year 10 will be working on first drafts of their CVs with support from a local employer’s HR and Talent Acquisition team (employer TBC). These local employers are donating their time and expertise in an assembly to Year 10 before they are charged with building their CVs in a series of morning progress time sessions.

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  2. Careers Fair 2024

    Wrotham School’s Careers Fair has gone from strength to strength, building on our relationships with local and national employers, apprenticeship providers, colleges and universities. The fair will feature specialised activities to support our Year 9, 10, 11 and Sixth Form students to make informed decisions about the important transitions they face.

    This year, we welcome our neighbouring school Grange Park School to join our careers fair. Grange Park is a specialist school for children and young people with autism spectrum condition (ASC) from 9-19.

    If you would like to find out more information, please visit the ‘Careers Events’ page.

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Term 5

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: Post-16 pathways – workshops and assemblies
  2. Assembly: North Kent College

    As part of their exploration of post-16 options, Year 10 will have a presentation from North Kent College and Hadlow College about what courses are available, including T-levels, apprenticeships and technical education opportunities. They will also find out about what it is like to study there and how it is similar and different to studying at a sixth form or for an apprenticeship. Students will also be able to ask questions.

    North Kent College logo

    This event supports Wrotham School in fulfilling its statutory obligations under Provider Access Legislation (2023).

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  3. FSQ: Careers Student Voice

    On computers, students will complete two evaluations. One is of their current knowledge of careers and post-14 and post-16 destinations – that helps us to identify any gaps in their knowledge and to plan sessions that will help in the future. The second is of the careers programme at Wrotham School – we’d like to hear what they’ve enjoyed and what they’d recommend more of for our upcoming Year 10 students next year.

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Term 6

  1. Work Shadowing Day/Enterprise Challenge Day