Careers Plan – Year 8 (2023-24)

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YEAR 8 CAREERS AIM: to encourage students to explore their interests and motivations and focus on developing a broader understanding of the world of work.

RATIONALE: This year builds on the work in Year 7 and the focus is on their understanding of the workplace and their rights and responsibilities within it. We aim to further embed their understanding of how both careers and character education are linked, but also to help them understand that they will play an active role in a workplace.

Term 1

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: Impact of technology on employment

    In their fortnightly careers sessions, Year 8 students will learn about the impact of technology on different careers. They will focus on the automation of certain job roles and learn about the need to be agile in their future careers, along with the value of continuing professional development.

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Term 2

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: Rights within the workplace

    In their fortnightly careers sessions, Year 8 students gain a greater understanding of the world of work. They will be introduced to what is involved when calling in sick to work and how this might affect pay, or might need supporting documentation. They also look at disability rights in the workplace and are introduced to the concept of reasonable adjustments following the Equality Act 2010.

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  2. Veterans and careers

    As part of remembrance week, Year 8 will consider the secondary careers that veterans often choose and why. They will look at different roles within the armed forces and how these choices can prepare a person for other career sectors and roles. This is an important part of helping our students to understand that their career is a journey and that different life events and priorities might mean they need to adapt and show creativity and resilience.

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Term 3

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: PSHE and Careers

    In their fortnightly careers sessions this term, Year 8 will be focusing on activities that support the PSHE content that is being delivered. This includes examples of LGBTQ+ workplace diversity schemes and the Stonewall top-ranked employers.

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  2. Launch Work Shadowing Day

    Work Shadowing Day is in Term 6 and offers our students in Year 8, 9 and 10 the opportunity to accompany a family member to work for a day to gain an first-hand experience of a workplace. In this session, students are introduced or reminded about what the day involves and parents/carers are informed of this valuable opportunity for their child.

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Term 4

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: Work/life balance

    In their fortnightly careers sessions, Year 8 students explore the role that work/life balance has in our careers and how the wage or salary is not the only consideration to make when deciding on a career. We will also introduce the role that occupational health professionals make to supporting individuals in their access to work.

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Term 5

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: Preparing for Decisions

    In term 5, our focus is helping Year 8 students to understand the transition that will happen over the next year. We will look at the difference between vocational and academic routes, why we choose GCSEs and how they can best use Year 9 to prepare themselves to choose.

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  2. ASSEMBLY: Network Rail

    Network Rail will be coming to talk to our Year 8s about the wide range of roles and careers options that are available within their organisation. The aim of the assembly is to introduce our students to the concept of technical education and apprenticeships, but also to key employment sectors in line with their learning about the local and national labour market.

    This assembly forms part of our programme that meets Provider Access Legislation requirements.

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Term 6

  1. .CAREERS SESSIONS: Entrepreneurship challenge

    Year 8 students will undertake an entrepreneurship challenge across their fortnightly careers sessions, and have the opportunity to understand the different elements involved in being self-employed.

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  2. Work Shadowing Day/Enterprise Challenge Day