Work Shadowing Day 2024

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Year 8, 9 and 10 students will have the opportunity to experience a workplace with a family member, following the ‘Take your child to work day’ model. . The date will be Friday 12th July 2024. 

INFORMATION ABOUT SAFEGUARDING AND INSURANCE IS SENT DIRECTLY TO PARENTS/CARERS AT THE START OF TERM 3. If you would like this information earlier, please contact your child’s Head of Year.

Why do we follow this model?

Work experience was a ‘casualty of Covid-19’ according to the 2021 Prospects Early Careers Survey. In their 2022 survey of over 5000 young people, just under a third of students hadn’t done any work experience despite everyone involved understanding its value: 55% of employers said that 18 year olds with work experience were more skilled and 78% said that experienced graduates were better hires.

At Wrotham School we believe that it is vital for our students to gain in-person experience of the world of work and we value this greatly as part of our careers programme. Students in Year 8-10 are invited to take part in a Work Shadowing Day with a parent/carer every year, and this progresses to a week-long placement in Year 12. We also encourage students from Year 10-13 to take part in virtual work experience, particularly in February around National Apprenticeship Week and that half term.

What will students need to do and how do we make sure their learning is progressing as their own career journey changes?

For each year group, different activities will be given to them prior to the placement and each year, the students will be asked to look at the placement with a slightly different focus which supports their current career education aims.

All students from Year 8

(Year 8 aim – to understand the world of work)

Additionally In Year 9

(Year 9 aim – to build aspirations and explore opportunities in more detail, including challenging stereotypes)

Additionally In Year 10

(Year 10 aim – to develop their self-presentation skills and their understanding of what employers want)

A review of their own skills prior to going.

A reminder to follow all health and safety instructions.

An observation of the person they are shadowing with specific questions.

A self-reflection.

An employer evaluation.

As in Year 8, but also:

A task to map out the structure of the organisation and how the different members of that team work with and report to each other.

As in Year 9, but also:

A 15-20 minute interview with their parent/carer that they are shadowing or another employee about the job roles available and what they are looking for in applicants to jobs.