Careers Fair 2022

Careers fair

How do I make the most of this careers fair?

  • Go with a plan Research the exhibitors and work out who you want to talk to before you attend. This will mean that you have meaningful conversations that will give you useful advice and information. It will also help you to impress them because you already know about what they do and what is important to them.
  • Have a focus There are so many objectives that you could have at a careers fair. For example:
    • Find out about a wide range of careers/industries so that you have a better idea of what the working world is like. Speak to as many people as you can!
    • Approach professionals from a specific career/industry and ask them advice on which subjects to choose at A level and university or for apprenticeships
    • Ask for interview advice – what questions do they ask? What format do their interviews take?
    • Take your CV and ask for suggestions on how to improve it
    • Take your CV and ask them to consider you for any school leaver jobs (Year 13 mainly) or work experience (Year 12)
    • Build your confidence by speaking to employers for the first time
    • Find out about different routes into your job – for example, what’s the difference between going to university and getting a degree apprenticeship?
    • Find out more about what different working environments are like and what they like about their own employers.
  • Think about the barriers that might stop you making the most of it and work out how to overcome them
    • If you are nervous or shy, could you find a friend who will go around with you? Perhaps you can have a plan of who you want to visit together and give each other some support.
    • Have some questions prepared – perhaps even on a piece of paper so you can write down some answers. Get some suggestions from your parents and teachers before you attend the fair.
    • If you want to make a good impression, you should think about what you’re wearing as well as how you will introduce yourself. ‘Hi, my name is…Could you please tell me about…’ is fine! Remember to smile and that they want to talk to you so they will be friendly!

List of exhibitors