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Bad Weather Information – Jan 2024

You will find all information relating to bad weather here.

Currently there is a moderate risk from local forecasts of some moderate to heavy snow in the Wrotham Area for Monday 8/1/2024. This is changing quickly. 

When snow or extreme weather is forecast, the school will always make decisions on full or partial closure based on the information we have to hand. This includes weather forecasts, local information, local bus/ train information. and community feedback.

We will publish all information here and on our school/ community WhatsApp group. (We no longer use our Facebook page). We also send information to all parents via parent mail/ text.

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As our school is located in a rural area and we have students and staff travelling long distances on country/ side roads our priority is always to make a quick and prompt decision on any school closure due to snow or extreme weather. Most of our students arrive to school by car or public transport. We always try our best to keep the school open, but sometimes this isn’t possible or safe for many reasons.

A prompt and clear decision is needed to prevent unnecessary journeys and the risk of being stranded in local traffic. Parents who have known us for a while will know that we have a good history of making the right decisions in these circumstances but it is always hard to get this right in every given scenario. Any decision made will be based on the ability to get safely to the school for staff and students, the level of bad weather in the area local to the school including on access roads and of course the forecast – if the weather is predicted to get worse.

We have an excellent  site team that, if they can reach the school, can clear the site quickly if possible and our priority will always be to open the school following closure as quickly as possible.

It is the schools decision to stay open/ close in such weather and any decision made, either way, will not please everyone all of the time. For this reason we do not discuss these decisions further and they are always made in the best interests of our community. During extreme weather and snow, we will never penalise or judge parents for making individual decisions on attending school if their own route to school is hazardous.

When we are forced to close, we ensure that students are set ample work on line via SATCHEL and during any closure of more than 1 day, live lessons will be transferred online to ensure continuity of education.

If the weather changes during the day then we apply the same process to making any decisions in the best interests of our community.

When the school is open during bad weather and snow, please send your child with appropriate warm clothing. Trainers and non- school shoes are permitted in snowy conditions.