Spitfire brewery tour

Upper School Trip to Shepherds Neame Brewery

On Wednesday 17th November 2021, 27 Business and Young Enterprise students undertook a tour of the Shepherds Neame Brewery in Faversham. They were able to learn about the following:

  • The Mash process where the Hops are mixed with the Liquor using some of the oldest machinery.
  • The fermentation process of both Ale and Lager.
  • The Brewery’s Business model.
  • The manufacturing process.
  • The distribution process of many Ales and Lagers to Pubs and Supermarkets across the whole of Kent and beyond.

After the tour, students took part in a Business fact finding mission and were surprised to see so many independent retailers dominating the Faversham high street.

Students demonstrated a number of character strengths throughout, such as Respect (following the healthy and safety rules during the visit), and confidence and communication (by asking questions such as how the Brewery has been affected during the last two years due to Covid 19).

It was a pleasure to take them on this trip and we will be looking forward to the next Business trip.

Miss Allen and Mr Williams.