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Last week, Mr Azim entered and took 12 students from year 8 and 9 to a STEM challenge event at the University of Greenwich yesterday. The first ever STEM competition we’ve entered. 

There were four STEM challenges the students took part in.

  • Robotics challenge – programming a robotic vehicle to travel along given paths.
  • Vehicle challenge – to construct a battery powered vehicle to travel a distance in the shortest time.
  • Diagnostic challenge – to use scientific knowledge and medical instruments to diagnose two patients.
  • E-Fit challenge – to create an E-fit image of a suspect using a programme used by the police.

Students were made to work in mixed groups of four which included students from other schools.

There were approximately eight other schools and 96 students altogether.

Our students demonstrated excellent communication, creativity and teamwork skills throughout the whole day.

The organisers were very impressed and commented on how well the students remembered and followed instructions.

I am happy to announce that we had the following winners.

ROBOTICS WINNERS: Riley and Jean-Loic

OVERALL WINNERS: Gracie and Zoe who will now go on to the finals in London in January!

We came away with 5 trophies altogether and all the students got a certificate each for their achievements.

Please congratulate them all when you see them as they were all amazing!

Year 8

Riley, Jean-Loic, Olivia, Antonio, Zoe, Gracie

Year 9

Tori, Sarah, Lexie, Owen, Aaron, Megan.