Sign Language – IB Service Learning

Message from our Year 12 IB Service Learning team:

On Thursday the 6th February our Year 12 service learning team delivered a sign language lesson to 11 Year 7 students. We feel that it went well as all of the Year 7’s that took part were really thankful and all enthusiastically participated. They all picked up the signing quickly and when we asked them to show us they were able to repeat back what they had learnt. We carefully planned the activities to ensure they were fun and interactive. During the lesson we asked them what signs they would like to learn, for example the sign for “pigeon”, which was not on our list, but they all said it would be fun to learn.

We feel that it went well and have decided to set up a club starting next term for any Year 7 and 8 students who might be interested in learning sign language. We will be advertising this to all year 7 and 8 students when we return form the half term break.

Abbie, Georgia and Lauren.