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International Baccalaureate Success

We are very excited to share some good news about our first set of IB results.

It goes without saying that delivering this new course in our sixth form was a huge undertaking and we were hoping for success. 

We have been really pleased with our results, not only in comparison with trends at the school and nationally but it also seems we have done very well in comparison with the global average scores. 
This is a great indication that this was the right thing to do and that we have taught and prepared students well for this.

A huge congratulations to the students and staff who have worked so hard to achieve such fantastic results.

The table below shows the full results but in summary 100% of students achieve an equivalent of an A Level A*- C grade in Film and Theatre at higher and standard level. And 100% of standard level students and 82% of Higher level students achieved the same in Social Anthropology. You will also see very high scores at A*- B equivalent levels.

IB results 

Subject% 7-5 (A*-B/C equivalent)% 7-4 (A* – C/D equivalent)L3VA*
Film HL78100+1.19
Film SL 0100-0.18
Social Anthropology HL8282+0.71
Social Anthropology SL50100+0.84
Theatre HL63100-0.33

Here is a photo of the students collecting their results: