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Live Online: Tech She Can and Accenture

Top left - logos for 'Tech she can' and 'Accenture'. A title is underneath this saying 'Tech for Gen AI'. There is a blue background and a white robotic head facing to the right.

Tech She Can are an educational charity and they worked with Accenture (a global tech company) to create and deliver a live online session about artificial intelligence and careers in generative AI. They explained how AI impacts our daily lives, what generative AI is, and introduced us to careers that included:

  • AI research scientist; Robotics engineer; Software designer; AI writer; AI artist.

As well as taking us through the possibilities of AI, the workshop guided the students through the process of using prompts to explain how AI is trained. By using a drawing experiment, they showed us the dangers (including how it can be inaccurate) and how to stay safe when using this technology.

Then we got to hear from two degree apprentices:

  • Phoebe, an apprentice Solutions Architect told us about how she loved history and ended up working in tech
  • Armani, an apprentice UX designer who told us how he wanted to be an actor and never dreamed he’d land a job in technology by following his love of video games.

AI is an increasingly controversial and unavoidable topic in conversations about how it is impacting the world of work now; it’s important that our students are introduced to what it is and how to stay safe when encountering this technology as part of an open conversation. Thank you to the English department for arranging this employer encounter.