Uniform Policy September 2021


The Wrotham School Uniform Policy does not contain reference to gender and the uniform prescribed is designed to be worn by any/ all students regardless of gender.

Uniform ensures equality of students as appropriate in a school learning environment and therefore is not negotiable.


Uniform standards are high at Wrotham School and our uniform code is inclusive, de-gendered and smart.

Parents are expected to ensure that students arrive at school in correct uniform and that on the rare occasion where for medical reasons uniform cannot be adhered to, then a note is provided clearly explains any temporary change from this code.

Parents choose our school because of its high standards so we make no excuses in enforcing this code to uphold the values we share with our parents and students in this area.

We have a strict uniform policy for the simple reason that it enables every child to attend school in an equal and fair way. By maintaining this expectation we ensure that appearance does not advantage or disadvantage any child based on fashion choice, socio-economic wealth or body shape/ size.

We strongly believe that this basic equality is a fundamental right of children in education and that this is vital to a caring and safe learning environment. For this reason we will not spend time discussing, negotiating or arguing personal views on uniform with parents.


The school believes that our uniform policy and suppliers should offer value for money and that the cost of uniform should never be a barrier to a child attending the school. Therefore, the school will ensure the following:

  • We have more than one supplier to provide both competitive pricing and convenience.
  • Uniform costs and durability are balanced to ensure good value for money.
  • The school has a system for collecting and storing donated uniform that is previously worn but in good condition that can be accessed by families who need this, free of charge.
  • The school will help families with financial assistance, where appropriate and as needed, when cost is a barrier to their child attending school and meeting our uniform expectations. This can be discussed and agreed on a case by case basis.
  • The basic school uniform only has very minimal branding and colour ranges to ensure that suitable alternatives can be found in high street stores whilst still meeting our codes.
  • One uniform is suitable for the whole year and no summer/ winter uniform is required.
  • Coats should he waterproof- no tracksuit tops with hoods.
  • No specific requirements for colour/ style of coats or bags other than they are suitable for school and the carrying of books/ kit.

PE kit options are available where branded kit is not affordable.



  • White, collared shirt and school tie – Top buttons are to be done up at all times and ties should not be shortened.
  • Plain black school trousers
  • Black blazer with school badge
  • Black leather school shoes
  • Plain black v-neck jumper
  • Official Wrotham School skirt
  • Plain black or neutral tights/plain black ankle length socks
  • A sensible and appropriate coat may be worn to and from school and during break time
  • A wrist watch may be worn. (some smart/ internet enabled watches cannot be worn in exams or assessments)
  • Sunglasses outdoors on sunny days (expensive branded glasses worn at own risk).



  • No trainers, boots, Crocs, high heeled shoes, this includes black trainers or any shoe the school judges to be a trainer (we withhold the right to make this judgment and advice/ descriptions of appropriate school shoes from shoe retailers will not be accepted).
  • No hoodies, sweatshirts or non-school jumpers are to be worn at any time.
  • No knee length/ thigh length socks to be worn at any time.
  • No leggings.
  • No skinny Jeans, denim trousers, chinos or non- school trousers.
  • No baseball caps/ hats
  • No jewellery/ rings/ chains/ hoop earrings.
  • No painted nails, false/acrylic nails.
  • No false eyelashes.
  • No white socks.
  • Short/ tight skirts.


If there is a medical reason why school shoes cannot be worn then a doctor’s note must be brought to school by the student and the issue resolved as soon as possible. The school will consider financial support when the cost of shoes/ uniform is prohibitive to students.

If a student is wearing non-uniform items, the following will happen:

  • The student will continue learning in isolation, including breaks and lunch until a parent can bring in correct uniform items.
  • If we cannot contact parents, the student will continue to be isolated until the issue is resolved.
  • We always try to work closely with parents to resolve issues in partnership. However, if a student persistently breaks uniform code then repeated issues can result in sanction and/ or exclusion from school.



  • Wrotham School black (with green) polo top with logo – Alternative is a plain black polo top.
  • Wrotham School black (with green) shorts or black (with green) skort – Alternative is plain black short/ skort.
  • White sports socks or white trainer socks
  • Green socks (for football and rugby)
  • Football boots
  • Trainers (non-marking sole)
  • Hairbands for tying back of long hair during sport, as required.

Wrotham School polo tops are embroidered with the first initial and surname (our uniform provider will do this.)

Optional Extras

  • Wrotham School sports waterproof jacket – Alternative is a plain black waterproof Jacket
  • Wrotham School sports leggings – Alternative is plain black (thick) leggings
  • Wrotham School zip top jumper – Alternative – Plain black Zip top Jumper.
  • Wrotham School jogging pants – Alternative – Plain black jogging pants
  • A plain black cap for outdoor sports in hot/ summer weather.


  • Any other colour garment other than black.
  • No branded sportswear or clothing
  • No Hoodies.
  • No thin/ transparent or “shaped” leggings.
  • No fashion styled trainers that are not appropriate for sports.
  • Any jewellery or personal item that could be considered dangerous or could be used as a weapon are strictly prohibited and will be confiscated.



Uniform is available from 2 different suppliers. These can be found by following the links below:





The school applies a common sense approach to general appearance. This allows us to achieve a balance in our approach to hairstyles, hair colours, piercings and application of make-up. Whilst we do not prohibit specific “styles” of appearance outside of our uniform code we reserve the right to address/ prohibit anything we feel is excessive, inappropriate or extreme.

Therefore as a general guide, the following is recommended:

  • Any make-up worn should be minimal and appropriate.
  • Piercings should be safe, subtle and discreet.
  • Uniform should be worn appropriately and correctly without modification – for example skirts should be of a suitable length and belts should be discreet without large buckles or branding and shirts should be worn tucked in.
  • Torn/ damaged items should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Items of clothing or appearance should not denote affiliation to any politically motivated group or denote extreme views and must not cause offense- this includes coats and jackets.
  • Flags are not permitted to be brought to school or displayed on the person regardless of what they represent. The school promotes open mindedness and discourse and displaying flags on or near the person in any context can undermine this. (added 09/2021).

The school will not be responsible for the loss/ damage and incurred costs of any prohibited or sanctioned items this includes jewellery, watches, wallets, mobile phones, electronic devices and designer items such as coats or bags. We do not recommend such items are brought into school and are only done so at the students own risk.

The school upholds our right in law to search students and confiscate items – details of this can be found here: