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Well-being: Support and Information

This page is a central resource for parents and students that offers advice and guidance relating to the well-being of young people.

The information on this page has been resourced from a wide range of organisations that offer support and guidance.

If require information that is not supported by the guidance on this page, do not hesitate to contact the school for details.


Support for students and parents.

LGBT students and Sexuality:

These resources support and guide young people and parents on subjects that relate to Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Trans students.

Wrotham School has a uniform policy that does not specify gender, for more information, please contact our pastoral team.



Guides and information for students:

coming_out guide

staying_safe_online_guide for gay young people



Guides and information for parents:

Guide for parents and fmaily members of trans people in the UK

So you think your child is gay Support for parents




Transgender Support:

Gay, Lesbian and Bi Sexual Support and information:


Online Safety:

These resources aim to provide advice and guidance on staying safe online:

Resources for parents and students:

NSPCC – online safety

Think you know

Childline – Online Safety

Preventing Abuse


Preventing Abuse

Sexual Health

These resources are designed to help young people and parents with supporting safe sexual health and relationships.


For students:

NHS guide

Terrence Higgins Trust


For students and Parents:

Family Planning Association

Mental Health:

These resources aim to support good mental health in young people and adults:


Wrotham School employs a fully qualified counselor to support our students, please contact the school for more information on how to engage with this service.

Wrotham School has a strong partnership with Time to change and we regularly involve them in our work at school. You will often see their representatives and support teams at parents evenings and school events:


They also produce a magazine called “speak out” an example of which can be downloaded here:


TTC Speak Out Winter issue


There are also many other sites that support this and other issues that can offer advice and support for broad or specific issues:


Young minds:

General Advice:

Self Harm:

Eating Disorders:


Drugs and Alcohol:

These resources are aimed at supporting young people on improving awareness of the dangers relating to drugs and alcohol misuse.


Advice on drugs for students:


Leaflets and Guides

The Truth About Drugs


Legal Highs Leaflet

Gases, Glues and Aerosols

Cannabis Find Out The Facts


Advice on drugs and alcohol for Parents:

Does your child know more than you – MARCH 2014 v2

NHS guide


Tackling Extremism:


These resources aim to help identify and prevent young people from involvement in extreme ideological or religious beliefs and activity.


Leaflets and links relating to identifying and addressing extreme beliefs and behaviours:


Right Wing extremism:

Preventing Right wing extremism

Social Media: