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Up For The Challenge 2016-17


Up For the Challenge – 2016-17

Following from the amazing success of our “up for the challenge” initiative in 2015/16, we will be launching the scheme again but this time with the addition of “up for the challenge homework”. This will mean that in every subject students will be set a fortnightly piece of homework that really challenges their skills and learning. Each department will set the homework on SMHW and students will be challenged to independently complete the work to achieve an “up for the challenge homework accolade. The work will be deliberately hard and will be completely optional. This is for students who really want to push their limits in each subject area and take on the highest graded tasks. challenge homework will include GCSE and A level questions, independent research projects and extended writing that requires a range of skills to complete. We can’t wait to see the work our wonderfully skilled and talented students will complete. Outstanding work will be displayed around the school and on our website/ social media pages to celebrate the hard work.

The student who creates the single most impressive piece of work over the year will awarded with their choice of Apple Store or Amazon vouchers worth 250 pounds.





Up for The Challenge – RE Work – June 2017

Scarlett Parker – Year 7. A drawing on canvas of Martin Luther King

Megan Gillet Year 9– An extensive handmade book on articles to do with her RE GCSE. There is much more than just the few pictures I have added and has taken her ages.

Lola Munn – Hand drawn picture of Malala Yousafzai

Lola Bruce Year 7– Picture and writing about religion. Very philosophical for a year 7 and well thought out.  A great read.

Chris Archer – Year 8 A piece of writing and artwork on the theme of secularisation.

Mia Wagner – Year 8 – Artwork of Jesus.




Some outstanding work from across the school. George in year 7 with his history homework for his castle project.




An outstanding piece of English homework from Charlie in year 7, “The Forbidden Flower” Charlie has been working hard on his reading and comprehension and has really pushed himself to put together this beautiful story.

The Forbidden Flower



More excellent KS3 Up for the Challenge work. This time from year 8 Geography with Mrs Peck. These year 8 students took a GCSE paper and Mrs Peck sent me the following message.

I just completed a real GCSE paper with a year 8 class. They really rose to the challenge and we saw some great results. Lots of them achieved C’s and B’s with Alicia Harper, Mollie Richardson and Holly Jones achieving an A.
Every single student achieved a grade and the exam was sprung upon them with no revision time. I was really impressed so have included some photos of the answers and results below.

Corelena Martin- B
Holly Jones- A
Toby Davies- B
Phillipa Bennett- B
Juliet Challis- B
Harrison Martin- B

geog 8

geog 6

geog 5

geog 3

geog 1

geog 2

I have added some photos below of students work that I have snapped in year 7 and 8 lessons in Maths and History – More to follow!

FullSizeRender IMG_2209 maths 1 maths 2 maths 3 maths 4 maths 5 maths 6 maths 7 maths 8



As you know, we have been challenging our KS3 students in years 7 and 8 to undertake GCSE level work in their lessons. We strongly believe that by stretching themselves and undertaking these challenging tasks they will exceed all expectations.

The results have been incredible!

The work has been so good that we have decided to make this initiative a permanent expectation and ensure that this challenge continues.