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Up for the Challenge – GCSE



Following the success of up for the challenge at KS3, we have decided to extend the initiative to year 10 in terms 4, 5 and 6 and will be challenging them in lessons to attempt A*, A and Grade 9 work. If they achieve these top grades then we will recognise and celebrate this achievement with accolades, prizes and stickers in books!

This is part of our wider strategy to ensure that students are challenged to take academic risks and to push themselves to see what they can achieve. The results so far have been staggering, we have seen year 7 and 8 students taking on A level topics, we have seen incredibly creative interpretations of master painters in art lessons and we have seen GCSE questions answered in detail in our core and humanities subjects. Most importantly we have not heard the term “I cannot do this”, our aim is transform the students own perceptions of what they are capable of and to exceed all expectations.

Up For the Challenge – GCSE update:

More outstanding work from Geography and MFL:

In MFL Mrs Gannon got her French group to sit a higher GCSE listening paper with amazing results. See the examples below.






More excellent KS3 Up for the Challenge work. This time from year 8 Geography with Mrs Peck. These year 8 students took a GCSE paper and Mrs Peck sent me the following message.

I just completed a real GCSE paper with a year 8 class. They really rose to the challenge and we saw some great results. Lots of them achieved C’s and B’s with Alicia Harper, Mollie Richardson and Holly Jones achieving an A.
Every single student achieved a grade and the exam was sprung upon them with no revision time. I was really impressed so have included some photos of the answers and results below.

Corelena Martin- B
Holly Jones- A
Toby Davies- B
Phillipa Bennett- B
Juliet Challis- B
Harrison Martin- B

geog 8

geog 6

geog 5

geog 3

geog 1

geog 2

I am pleased to share the first examples of outstanding work from our Up for the GCSE Challenge. This work was produced in year 9 by students in Mr Matthews English group. and met the challenge of creating A/ A* quality work.
The work below was created by Isabella Dissanayaka, Chloe Downs, Beth Holman, Jessica Churchill, Freya Holland, Cameron Austin and Jessica Morgan.