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At Wrotham we pride ourselves on having the highest expectations of all our students to enable them to achieve their full potential. These high expectations have, over the years, contributed to the strong ‘Wrotham ethos’ that was so evident to me from the first day I visited the school in October of last year. However, I have been concerned that our expectations regarding school uniform are not being met by many of the students. Staff are having to waste time speaking to students about uniform when the focus of our conversations and time should be learning. From the start of term 4 we will be re-launching our high expectations of uniform. These already appear in the student planners and in the ‘New Parents Induction Booklet’. Students will be reminded of these in assemblies. Your support here is vital and will make the difference:

Uniform – Terms 1-6

  • White shirt and school tie – Top buttons are to be done up at all times and ties should be as long as two thirds of the front of the shirt
  • Plain black school trousers – No jeans are to be worn (so no denim or trousers with studs)
  • Black blazer with school badge
  • Black shoes – No trainers, canvas shoes, sandals, heels or boots (including Dr Martin or ‘ugg’ style boots)
  • Plain black v-neck jumper
  • Plain black school trousers – No jeans (denim or with studs), no skin tight trousers, no leggings.
  • Official Wrotham School Skirt (available at
  • Plain black or neutral tights/plain black socks
  • A dark coloured coat may be worn to and from school and during break time – No hoodies, sweatshirts or non-school jumpers are to be worn at any time.

If there is a medical reason why school shoes cannot be worn then a doctor’s note must be brought to school by the student.

If a student is wearing non-uniform items as highlighted above, the following will happen:

The student will be sent home to change or the parent may bring in correct uniform items. If we cannot contact parents, the student will be sent to Isolation for the day

For PE, students must wear the Wrotham School PE kit. Other sportswear is not permitted.

Students are permitted to wear only one plain stud in each ear. Other facial or body piercings are not allowed. No other jewellery is to be worn. Nail varnish and false nails are not allowed. A discreet amount of make-up may be worn in Years 10-11.