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Iceland – February 2016

We would like to share some breath taking photos from our recent Geography Field trip to Iceland. This trip took place in February Half Term for KS4 students and was led by . The trip was a fantastic success, thoroughly enjoyed by all that took part. The photos speak for themselves but the team were doubly pleased to return home to an email from the travel guide who praised our students behavior throughout the trip and thanked everyone involved for such a fantastic week.

Here is a brief itinerary from Mrs Peck


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Sunday 14th Feb– Departed for Iceland which for many was the first time on a plane! Then visited the Blue Lagoon, a page volcanic lake located in a volcanoes crater and heated by the Earth’s core. Students could use the natural mud from the area and the salt from the natural water as face masks and mud packs too.


Monday 15th Feb- A visit to the Skogafoss waterfall, Black sand beaches with iconic coastal scenery, the tongue of the retreating Mydralsjokull Glacier and the seljalandsfoss waterfall. Although we were not allowed to climb the glacier and walk on its surface due to the danger, the walk to and from each waterfall was almost as dangerous as the ice and snow in the car parks might as well have been a glaciers surface! The evening then continued with the fabulous Iceland Quiz and the winning team receiving the local Icelandic delicacy of dried, smoked fish!


Tuesday 16th Feb-  A visit to the Hellisheidi Power Station to experience how Iceland uses the Power of the earth to heat its homes. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge which our guide called a “geological no-mansland” as it is the gap in between the North American Plate and the Eurasian plate. The Great Geyser which is one of the largest and most active in the world which at one point erupted, covering us all in egg scented water. Finally the Kerid volcano where we walked above the ice covered crater which last erupted 3000 years ago! Finally students had an evening of bowling at the largest bowling centre in Reykjavik.


Wednesday 17th Feb- We visited the sulphuric lake and hot springs area, followed by the volcanic cone, eroded by the sea. We then ventured on our 3 hour Whale watching tour, where some spotted Puffins and Dolphins. But most students were enjoying the choppy Atlantic tides by decorating the side of the whale watching boat! This included staff members too!

Thursday 18th Feb- This was the final day with an early departure from Iceland but with an excellent opportunity to spot the Northern Lights before we got home.