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Transport Update September 2016

Transport Update 11th September 2016

Following issues with the buses in the first week of term, I have been in contact with KCC, who have in turn liaised with the service providers, and are now able to ensure that bus provision and capacity is now adequate for all students to travel to and from school safely.

At my request, we were visited by a KCC bus inspector who has reviewed the situation and since then KCC have written to me in regards to this situation assuring me that an additional bus on the 407/408/ 418 route will now be provided. Their explanation for this was increased passengers on the route due to an increase in our student numbers and another local school cancelling one of their bus services, forcing their students onto the route our young people use. Due to the work required to add these buses, final allocations will be in place by the end of September at the latest. For now, an additional bus is already being provided and we will ensure that all students get home safely.

This change means that all students will now be able to travel to school and home safely and on a bus that is not over crowded.

It has taken us a long time to get this capacity increased and I would like to thank the parents and students who have voiced their concerns to KCC and the bus companies to ensure that they receive a good service and value for money. We will continue to monitor this service and will always make sure we fight our corner for the best interests of our students and parents.


Kind regards

Mr. M. Cater


Wrotham School