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Summer School

Summer School at Wrotham School is funded by Pupil Premium and is run for 5 days during the summer holiday.  A range of engaging and academic activities are run throughout the 5 days. The aim of Summer School is to:

  • To develop students resilience and calculated risk taking
  • To develop friendship groups, social and communication skills
  • To enable early identification of students needs and concerns, which will  be shared with staff
  • To engage learners in English and maths, thereby reducing barriers to learning and equip students to engage in the subject curriculum. Boost confidence in these subjects to promote a ‘can do attitude’, thereby laying foundations to close the attainment and progress gap.
  • To equip students with the necessary skills and confidence to adapt and make a successful transition to Wrotham School


Parent comments from Summer School 2014

He feels comfortable in the environment having extra time to get used to the school. He has enjoyed aspects that he didn’t think he would (sports for example) and is proud that he knows how to play basketball now.

He is a boy of few words, but we have had very animated conversations about his days. He is looking forward to starting school ‘officially’ and now talks about ‘my school’ when talking about Wrotham.

I would recommend summer school, especially for anxious children who have an issue with change.

I like the mix of fun within the school subjects.

He didn’t stop talking about it. He wanted to go to bed especially early to prepare for it and felt he was lucky to be going to summer school. He kept telling local children about what he had done at ‘his’ school. His teachers made him feel very comfortable in a relaxed way and hwe was proud to show his friends and family what he had made at school.

My son said he would not have found going to a new school so easy if it hadn’t been foir summer school. It helped him to find his bearings, make new friends and meet some of his teachers. He also was able to practice getting the bus to and from school.


Student comments from Summer School 2014

I found it helped me get to grips with the school

I loved working in a team in film making and loved the ideas others came up with for the films

I got to know a lot of classrooms and teachers

The activities were fun. I really liked movie making as I hadn’t done it before

Forest school was the best as we did so much like starting a fire without matches and making our own charcoal pencils

I loved Haki the Owl and learning all about him. My mum has put my owl I made on display in the living room.