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School Performance Data and Comparison – 2017

Please only read if league tables for schools are something that you value.

Rather than spin the data to our interests, I would encourage anyone who is interested to look at the recently updated School Performance Table website and see how we compare with other schools in Kent.

If you filter results by A8, which represents how highly our students achieved in their best 8 GCSE subjects we come a joint top with Mascalls for Kent Comprehensive schools. If you look at English and Maths grade 4+ and Grade 5+ which represents how many students passed at a good level, you will see that we are top of the table with Hillview School for truly comprehensive schooling in Kent.

Whilst we are pleased with our Progress 8 score being strong, we are also aware that this is a figure that is easily manipulated by schools and we are not a school that wishes to “game” results to do this. We are very proud of our school and commend other local schools such as Mascalls and Hillview for their excellent results and their similar commitment to offering a fair, inclusive and balanced curriculum.

Kind regards

Mr. M. Cater


Wrotham School