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The Wrotham Passpoimage003rt to Success is an initiative designed to unlock the potential of all students to improve achievement, aspirations and success in higher education and employment. Graduation from this programme will be an outstanding achievement for our students as the Passport defines what it is to be a successful student of Wrotham School. While many schools aim for academic achievement alone, we recognise that this is not enough to equip young people for success in life. We want our students to be confident young people who have the professional skills universities and employers are looking for, and often complain that young people no longer have. The Passport to Success expects our students to evidence development of eleven different ‘Professional Skills’ in addition to meeting their academic progress targets. The standards for graduation are high and those who have worked hard to achieve, really encapsulate and represent everything that is great about our students and our school. Being a student at Wrotham School isn’t about just turning up and making it to the end of the day, it’s about being part of a community that won’t accept anything less than your best.

Please find details on our passport and rewards policies here:

Guide to Passport Professional Skills

Passport Graduation Criteria

Rewards Policy

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