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This page contains resources, links and papers that relate to professional development, education research and useful information and links to classroom resources.

This page also contains electronic copies of research based papers and outcomes produced by staff members as part of their CPD focus. These aim to provide a growing library of resources that can be used to improve all elements of education related practice in school.

Please check back regularly for updates and new resources.



Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Excellence in Teaching and Learning


Teaching and Learning


Teaching and Learning

Expectations of good and outstanding teaching at Wrotham School


At Wrotham School teaching and learning is the absolute focus of our drive and vision. Outstanding teaching has the single most significant impact on any student’s progress and can transform opportunity, engagement and behaviours.

We are a school that believes in creative approaches to teaching; we aim to empower teachers to teach outstanding lessons using their personal approaches to delivery. We share good ideas and we work together to continuously improve our quality of our teaching provision and learning experiences. .

From our own observations of outstanding teaching at Wrotham School, we have produced this list of what we know works well in the classroom and the key elements of exceptionally good practice. We do not believe that there is one way of teaching and celebrate and share different approaches at work.

Key expectations:

Before the lesson

The best form of CPD is watching others teach. We encourage all of our staff to observe other teachers regularly and as part of their appraisal target 2.

Data should be used to plan lessons that are appropriate and challenging. This data should be made available during lessons and should reflect tracking and monitoring over time.

Marking of books – This should be up to date and should be clearly linked to the next lesson and “levelling up” of work alongside spelling, grammar and punctuation.

We are all responsible for our own development and CPD. We expect teachers at Wrotham School to take an active approach to their own CPD and use our research based CPD development to improve teaching and learning alongside other professional skills.

Most importantly, being reflective is key to all improvements. It is our core expectations of all teachers that they consistently evaluate their own practice engage and act on feedback in order to continue to improve and provide an excellent level of teaching.

During the lesson

Students should be warmly welcomed to each lesson in a positive way. Students engage and enjoy their lessons because they are designed to stimulate high levels of curiosity and interest, independent learning and interpersonal skills. This leads to excellent progress. Students should be active learners. This should be tied directly to the “Passport to Success” scheme. Students should be made aware of how to earn these points in each lesson.

Using a clear lesson objective or expectation, every lesson must be challenging and differentiated downwards from high expectations of knowledge, skills and understanding. The lesson should move forward at an appropriate pace. Student should have a clear understanding of the purpose of the lesson.

Staff are confident in taking well calculated risks and are innovative in their approaches to creative teaching strategies and their own pedagogy.

Teachers are firm and fair with their classroom behaviour strategies. Poor behaviour is not tolerated and is consistently followed up through using the schools clear behaviour and sanctions policy.

Students are rewarded for progress and effort in an appropriate way.

Questioning is persistent and differentiated.  Students should be keen to answer and give well considered answers regardless of “wrong” or “right”.

There are regular opportunities to develop literacy through reading, writing and comprehension to a challenging level. This should include opportunity to critically debate and take part in active discussions. Links to other subject learning should be used appropriately and whenever possible.

Assessment should follow the relevant curriculum requirements and must include student reflection, evaluation and improvement time.

Standards in books will be clear. Neatness, structure and presentation skills as well as quality and quantity of work should be of the highest standard.

Appropriate, guided and well planned use of examination practice is key to developing success at KS4 and should be developed throughout years 7-13.


After the lesson

Personal reflection and evaluation or in conversation with others is exceptionally good practice when improving teaching. Action of what to improve should lead into the next lesson.

Homework is set regularly and is marked with feedback on how to improve.

Books are marked in line with the school policy and give diagnostic, useful feedback which develops into improvements.

Paperwork and lower impact workload is streamlined and managed effectively to maintain a good work life balance and productive focus on classroom teaching and student progress. The school endeavours to support you with this.




I would like to share the following articles with you that includes some excellent tips for marking work in an effective and efficient way:



I would highly recommend this blog, in general,  for loads of interesting articles, tips and tricks – well worth a read/ visit before you embark on anything new (check out the 5 minute plan series).



Tracking of Progress – International Comparison Study – S. Boudreau, June 2015.

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DLA research based CPD draft May 2015

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This is a in house publication that showcases articles from our outstanding teachers and shares tips, advice and information to improve and refine pedagogy.

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Marking and Assessment- Staying on top of marking:







SEN Guidance and CPD Documents and Resources

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Digital CPD



Resources from JPD Inset Day Term 6 2014



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Exemplar Marking (read more on my blog)

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Resources Archive



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Here is where you will find regularly updated links to all of the in school CPD presentations and resources to improve teaching and learning.

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