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GCSE Results 2016 – Published Results

2016 New School Performance Measures


At Wrotham School we have always taken decisions based on what is best for our students.  This has included early exam entry for year 11 GCSE students so they get a real practice before taking the GCSE exam again in the summer.  Al of our year 11 students last year did some early entry GCSEs to take advantage of this opportunity.  However, the Department for Education now only measure a schools’ results based on the ‘first’ time a student sat a GCSE exam.  As a  result the performance measure data for Wrotham School for 2016 is not accurate and therefore it cannot be used to compare the performance of students at Wrotham with those at other schools.  The data below shows the actual results of our students and includes the ‘best’ GCSE results they achieved, not just the ‘first’.

Matthew Wright MA

Executive Headteacher

Wrotham and Aylesford Schools


Progress 8 score +0.09
Attainment 8 score 4.8
Grade C or better in English and maths GCSEs 65%



Wrotham School GCSE Results 2016

Key figures (based on best entry)*


Achieving 5 X A*-C or better                                                       64%

Achieving 5 X A*-C with English and Maths                           59%

Achieving  A*-C in English and Maths                                      65%

Attainment 8 Score                                                                         48

Progress 8                                                                                           +0.09



*Best entry represents the best results students achieved when sitting an examination more than once. For example, this figure includes a student who sat English in November and sat again in June, and improved their grade.

For information on first entry results – please follow this link.





Press Release (August 2016)

A huge congratulations to all of our students receiving their results today. The school has performed exceptionally well and has seen increases in pass rates both overall and in individual subjects from 2015. These results reaffirm our status as one of the highest performing non- selective schools in the local area and in the wider county.

This year we have seen increasing numbers of our students achieving A*-C in both English and Maths with 65% of our year 11 cohort achieving this national benchmark. Other highlights include 74% of students passing English with an A*-C, 71% in Maths, 67% in GCSE Chemistry, 74% in GCSE Physics, 70% in GCSE Biology, 70% in GCSE RE and 72% in GCSE Geography. Students in our BTEC subjects performed just as well with Sport attaining a 100% Merit and Distinction pass rate.

We saw a strong increase in students achieving the very highest grades, reflecting the high expectations and challenging targets for our most able. Notably, in academic GCSEs:  Iffah Raayma  achieved 9 x A-A*; Rebecca Kayes achieved 7 x A-A*; Alejandro Garcia Del Valle achieved 6 x A-A*; Antonia Fallis achieved 9 x A-A*; Thomas Gadd achieved 5 x A-A*; and Katya Ness 9 x A*-B grades.

We also saw a large increase in overall academic GCSE A* and A grades:  Emily Bamber achieved all A-B grades with 4 x A-A*; Bertie Birtles achieved 4 x A-A*; Isabella Shaw achieved 5 x A-A*; Rebecca May 4 x A-A* and 4 x B grades; Christina Pithouse 3 x A-A*; Katherine Stevens 3 x A-A*; Emily Walker 3 x A-A*; and Harry Davis 3 x A-A*.

Our progress rates remain high with the school achieving an estimated 0.24 progress 8 score from best entry; this new measure demonstrates the outstanding progress our students make from their starting point in year 7.

We would like to congratulate the students and celebrate both their hard work and the dedication of our staff team in achieving these outstanding results. The school continues to improve on already strong results and looks forward to seeing our students in September as they start on their 6th Form pathways.

Michael Cater


Matthew Wright

Executive Headteacher