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Summer 2015 – Examination Timetable

Exam tips

  • Equipment – Your invigilator will be able to supply you with a pen and pencil if you have truly forgotten/broken yours.  However, for many exams (e.g. Media Studies, Maths and Technology) you might need specialised equipment such as colouring pencils or a calculator.  Make sure you bring your own.  This way you can ensure it works properly beforehand.
  • Plan – You might feel like you need to rush and get straight down to writing but students who plan get (on average) one grade higher than those who don’t.  Your planning will help make sure your answers are well structured and relevant.
  • Depending on the subject, you may have been told exactly how to plan an answer.  As a guide, use the APPLE and PEE methods for all written subjects.
  • Confidence – To get a C grade in almost EVERY subject, the Mark Schemes given to the examiner state that a student’s answer must be ‘confident’.  You have worked hard for a number of years in preparation for these exams so be confident of your own abilities.  Even if you are not entirely sure if your answer is 100% correct, act as if you are.  Examiners mark hundreds of scripts every year and are far more likely to reward an answer where you seem knowledgeable and sure of yourself than one where you seem scared and uncertain.
  • Use the Force – If you believe you can do it, you probably will.  This does not mean that you can rely on Yoda or some other force saving the day if you have not prepared properly, but I honestly believe that if you go into the exam feeling like an clever sausage, you will act like one.  Pretend you are a student who knows all the answers (even if you don’t).

What to do if you are ill on the day of an exam

  • If you are ill and are unable to attend an exam it is vital you phone the school first thing in the morning (01732 884207) to inform us.
  • You must also obtain a note from your doctor detailing the reason for non-attendance. There is the possibility of submitting this note to the Examinations Board to ask for special consideration. The Board looks at this in conjunction with other exam marks from the student in that particular subject, coursework marks and mock exam marks. This will then sometimes enable them to adjust the mark and grade accordingly.
  • If you are feeling unwell, but still able to travel, I suggest you come to the exam and we can assess the situation then. In most cases it is better to take the exam if you can.
  • If in doubt – PHONE THE SCHOOL. If you do not attend an exam without a valid reason, it is possible that you will be charged for that exam.