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Behaviour and Rewards Policy

Behaviour For Learning
There are some important changes to the implementation of our behaviour policy.   The school rules have not changed.  However, the way in which we apply sanctions for poor behaviour and reward positive contribution have been adjusted.

We expect the highest standards of our students at all times. We publish a clear guide to these expectations in every classroom to ensure these standards are met.


Mobile Phone Expectations
I recognise that students should be allowed to have their phones for safety to and from school, but I have been surprised by the number of students who use their phones to text and call between lessons and during break and lunch times.

I have observed how the use of mobile phones during the school day is having a negative impact and resulting in:
• bullying via texts
• safeguarding issues due to students accessing inappropriate websites
• lateness to lessons whilst students make phone calls between lessons
I am also concerned that staff are unable to successfully investigate behaviour incidents because students will often phone parents during school hours to complain about an incident. We would prefer that a parent is informed of an incident by a member of staff who has investigated that incident, and can give a balanced explanation of what has occurred.

I have consulted with Students and Staff who see some benefits of being able to use phones in school, but highlighted the following concerns which many staff have also raised:
• Bullying, as phones have been used to spread rumours and send abusive or threatening messages.
• People being photographed when they don’t want to be or without their knowledge.
• Students communicating with each other whilst teachers are investigating incidents.
• Students communicating with parents directly which can cause parents to worry unnecessarily.
• Thefts of expensive phones.
• Students losing phones.
• Confrontations between teachers and students when a teacher asks for the phone to be handed over if a student is using it.
• Pressure on students to have the latest phone.

The bottom line is that this is not conducive to a school that places high values on learning, relationships and community. Students don’t need to use their phones between 8.30 and 3.30. We all value the sense of community at our school and this comes from the enjoyment of communicating with each other face to face in a positive and respectful manner. Therefore, from the start of Term 4, Students will not be allowed to use mobile phones, iPods or MP3 players during the School Day. Students seen with these devices out of their pockets or bags will have them confiscated until the end of the School Day. I hope I can rely on your continuing support.

Matthew Wright – Headteacher