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Barclay’s Life Skills – 30/1/2017

Sessions have been taken place throughout the day for all Year 9 students who will be taking part in a 2 hour session run by Barclays. These interactive sessions, run by industry professionals have focused on CV writing, interview practise, bank accounts, and communications skills. Every year 9 student will be part of this free scheme and we hope these will be successful in preparing students for the future. Sessions will also be running for Year 10 on Tuesday 21st February, Year 11 on Monday 20th February and Post 16 students on 28th March.

Below are some quotes from our students:

Benjamin Reed

“I found the Barclays workshop interesting. I learnt that how to spend money wisely and how to save it. David, Jackie and Stephen were very helpful and taught us a lot about money.”

Emma Bushnell

“Barclays taught me about how to save money and how to know which type of bank account and bank card to have. I learnt how to stick to a budget and how to pay for things when it looks like I might not be able to. I also learnt how to fill in a young person’s back application form and the questions they might ask. The most interesting aspect that I took away was about interest rates and how there would affect me and my bank account. “

Phillipa Bennett

“In the Barclays event today, I learnt that there are different bank accounts and cards. They taught us to save money and be aware of what you spend. They showed us how to fill out a bank application form and the benefits of having a bank account. They also explained that having a bank account can keep your money safe and if you leave money in there, you can earn interest.”

Mollie Richardson

“Barclays today was really useful because it helped me understand that once I leave school and start a job or university I will need to be organising my finances. They helped me understand that setting up my accounts and standing orders is very important. They also helped me to understand that one tiny mistake will cause me serious problems in life when I’m trying to get a mortgage or a loan.
Thank you Barclays!”